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Homestead Entertainment Presents New Originals First Week of 2022 | By: Pr News Wires

Homestead Entertainment unveils new movies the first week of January on Tubi, a Fox Entertainment Company. Beginning Friday, January 7, 2022, new film releases and tv shows broadcast with relevant cultural series and new programming.

The new originals on Tubi's first week of 2022 are Perfect Justice (Trailer) Things Found on the Ground (Trailer), Finding Chrissy, After Hours (Trailer, After Hours (Trailer), 2 FINESSE, and Prey Before You Eat 2 (Trailer).

Finesse 2 by Al Nuke and Crissy Monroe's Finding Crissy are anticipated by fans of Al Nuke and Crissy Monroe.

Homestead Entertainment and Big Bizz Media untie for another movie release on the heels of Al Nukes' Birds of a Feather, Birds of a Feather 2. 2 Finesse is the sequel to Finesse starring Al Nuke, Zaytoven, Spanky Hayes, Jacob Burger, Tokyo Vanity and Baby Jade in 2022. "Con man "TJ" is back for revenge after his team left him stuck in jail, not before the biggest Finesse of their life." 2 Finesse is directed by Al Nuke (Curtis Franklin) written by Curtis Franklin and Sareta Cheathem and produced by Alima Albari as well. Al Nuke is a multifaceted artist, director, artist manager and influential director. Check out his Instagram for updates on his projects: AL NUKE (@alnuke) • Instagram photos and videos .

Finding Chrissy debuts on Tubi. Directed by Pete Pitrelli and produced by Twan Da Dude, Deshawn Freeman, Jennifer Lee and| Dale Stelly. Glass Slipper Pictures and Shondrella Avery partnered with Homestead Entertainment on the reality show, Finding Chrissy.

Finding Chrissy stars Chrissy Monroe as she has moved into her calling as a social media influencer and seizing her opportunity to grow in her own right.

"An Inside look at Chrissy Monroe's everyday life. A lot has changed since Love and Hip-Hop New York Season 5. This is her reality after reality. Her journey after Love & Hip Hop has led her to a productive life." Life after reality is definitely not for the faint of heart. Crissy has been harassed, stalked and even went on Dr. Phil to air out the tea on how she has been stalked by a woman who is delusional.

Now in the presence of making it in Hollywood, Crissy exposes her life as being one of the many celebrities on "Only Fans." Love is on the horizon on her journey. Becoming a social media influencer has been her journey and she is ready to share it with the world at large. To keep up with Crissy Monroe, her new show and brand partnerships you can catch her on Instagram: Chrissy Monroe 🇮🇹 ♍ (@chrissymonroe) • Instagram photos and videos .

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