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"Homestead Entertainment Presents" Series Debuts with New Original Movies Streaming on Tubi

New original series, Homestead Entertainment Presents will exclusively premiere on Tubi, a Fox Entertainment Company. Beginning Friday, Nov. 10th new film releases broadcast with relevant cultural series and new programming.

The new originals are under the moniker of "Homestead Entertainment Presents." Homestead created the first ever Tubi series with a compilation of short stories for a one hour showing. Now through summer of 2022 the content introduced will contain new films from short story filmmakers who are BIPOC creators. Highlighting the various aspects of life and intersecting where viewers can experience the multifaceted lives of characters is the focus of their series.

New Releases on Tubi:

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"Homestead Presents Urban Horror Series" - Premieres 8 p.m., Nov. 10th Urban Horror Stories is the first installment in the series which will include The Haunting of Pottersfield by Andre' Dixon, Last Wish by Felecia Howell, Lover's Discretion by Tor Campbell, Sangre De Vida by Jordan Gouveia, Transgress by Angela White and Runnin by Jonathan Rowan. Urban Horror Series collaborated with Glass Slipper Pictures through Ms. Shondrella Avery.

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"Asbury Park" - Premieres 8 p.m., Nov. 10th Asbury Park echoes that voice of the streets, revealing a tale of injustice through the eyes of four inner-city youths starring Fredro Starr, Glenn Plummer, Felicia " Snoop" Pearson, Jamal Woolard, Peter Gunz, Mena Moore, Jermaine Hopkins and more.

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"Dymez" - Premieres 8 p.m., Nov. 10th

Dymez starring Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander, Glenn Plummer, Ciera Angelia, Nix, Dub Funny and more is a dramedy centered around three young women that plan foolish heists with their SMART phones. Darren Brown directed, and it is release through Darren Brown Films.

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"The Female Hustler" - Premieres 8 p.m., Nov 10th Adolescence does not stop Princess as she attempts to save her best friend from a pimp and her brother from the streets. After meeting a scammer named Omar, she ends up running a multi-million-dollar empire but faced with the ultimate betrayal. Directed by Dom Campbell and produced by Emperium Studios.

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"Loyalty" - Premieres 8 p.m., Nov. 10th

In a web of lies and truth, loyalty is tested, bonds are broken, and only true friendships will survive. Directed by Lacy Diamond and stars Daphnique Springs.

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"I Declare War" 8 pm., Nov. 10th

This D2R Production is set in the background of Detroit the culture, hustle, lifestyle, and money are highlighted in a rush to be the family with the most power. God and family is all that matters to the mafia families.

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